Since 2021, we decided to  set an environmental strategy and aimed at becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

We are delighted to announe we have reached our goal!

Discover what to expect for this edition by exploring the measures we undertook over the last years.


Do you want to learn more about it? Read our full report here. We are happy to share our experience.

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Waste management

- No more printed festival maps -

Easily orientate yourself thanks to the improved signalisation and the festival app.

- Communal reusable tableware -

All the food and beverages stands are equipped with returnable and reusable tableware.

- Swiss and qualitative merchandising articles -

Local artisans present their products in our shop

- Dry toilets -

Save water by using one of our dry toilets.

- Waste sorting locations -

Sort up to six waste types at our recycling points.


- Offers with public transportation -

Get a discount on your festival entry if you travel by public transportation!


- Limited and expensive parking spots -

You prefer the car? We are still trying to disencourage you...

- CO2 compensation -

Every festival's journey's emissions is compensated. Do you want to be part of the movement? Compensate here.

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 - Green website host -

A website stores a lot of data, therefore our data is greenly stored thanks to cyon GmbH.

- Minimum energy quantity -

Timers, regulators and energy efficient technologies are our friends.

- Local and green energy -

We use Swiss and renewable energy only.

- Our own solar panels -

We built a solar panel parc! Do you want to join us? Generate green energy here.


 - Social institutions -

Everybody can be an artist. Since our beginning, we work with various social institutions giving a chance to each one of us!

- Meaning -

Arts is one of the best way to send a message. We encourage the artists to express themselves through their art pieces, especially when it comes to sustainability.

- Green light challenge -

This challenge rewards the arteplage which best combines creativity and sustainability. Discover more.


Be carbon neutral

 - Carbon assesments -

Yearly carbon assesments are conducted in order to find out where weaknesses still are.

- CO2 emissions -

All the emissions which we could not be reduced are compensated through Swiss carbon offsetting programms.


What's next?

We will keep improving... Our next focus will be the impact of light on the animals and the insects. They are also very important to us!

We are currently being investigated by "A Green Festival" and hope to get a green certification. Stay tuned!